Shaun Falcone

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After a two-decade career spanning diverse roles in cinematography, software development, digital workflow design and production logistics, Shaun decided to take on a new challenge – the ATM industry.

Specifically drawn to the logistic challenges associated with high volume cash management and constantly evolving technology Shaun has utilized his unique skillset to quickly transition into his role as Chief Operating Officer at ATM Consultants.

Shaun’s notable achievements since joining ATMC include developing and deploying a custom in-house service ticket system, growing the managed service ATM portfolio and in-house service department staff by over 400%. This is made more impressive considering that Shaun and his team have maintained over a 99.1% fleet uptime since 2020. Additionally, Shaun spearheaded the launch of a cash-in-transit division, FI Logistix, to better serve financial clients.

As COO, Shaun focuses primarily on overseeing ATMC’s service department - creating workflows and processes, building strategic partnerships with hardware & software vendors, and managing fleet logistics for all ATMC’s managed service partners.

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