ATM and ITM outsourcing that meets your
financial institution's unique needs

Outsourcing with ATM Consultants allows your financial institution to consolidate all of your vendor and internal departments processes with one expert partner who is fully responsible and solely accountable.

We offer best in class service, technology and security packages built to suit your unique financial institution's needs.

See how ATM Consultants can get you out of the ATM business and back with your accountholders
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Overall Fleet
Uptime Average
56.6 minutes
Average Ticket
Response Time
123.3 minutes
Average Ticket
Resolution Time

Expert ATM/ITM Service & Cash Transit

24/7 Remote Monitoring/Dispatch & Issue Resolution
1st & 2nd Line Maintenance
Cash Management & Forecasting
Armored Cash In Transit Vendor Management

Our expert service centers on proactive, preventative maintenance with each terminal visit. ATM Consultants utilizes purpose-built fleet management software, extensive remote monitoring and diagnosis tools and hires the best technicians in the industry.

By offering in-house service and consolidating best-in-class vendor relationships, we eliminate the hassle of managing all aspects of an ATM/ITM portfolio and provide one point of accountability for your entire fleet.

ATM Processor Logos: Fiserv, Interpro Technology Inc, Switch Commerce

Processing & Settlement

Terminal Driving & Transaction Processing
Check Image Processing
Extensive Daily & Monthly Reporting

ATMC can provide unparalleled detail and accuracy in claims research while dramatically reducing the burden on your branch and back-office staff.

ATMC's purpose-built transaction data warehouse aggregates data from both off-premise and branch ATM processors, cash transit vendor reports, our ATM Service Hub and beyond. By centralizing this multi-source data, ATMC can provide per terminal, per transaction level data on a daily basis along with comprehensive monthly reports to ensure simpler and faster three-point reconciliation.

Security & Compliance

Secure Managed Communication Services
Regulatory Compliance (ADA/PCI/EMV)
Windows Migrations
Software Licensing & Upgrades

Through certified partners including Ventus and Cisco, we provide PCI compliant encrypted communication.

Take your terminals off your primary business network and improve security, minimize branch IT staff burden and reducing the risk of downtime.  Utilizing top tier 4G and 5G wireless solutions combined with end-to-end TLS encryption, ATMC keeps cardholders’ information safe through the entire transaction chain. 

To counteract physical attacks, ATM Consultants deploys the latest card anti-skim technology and conducts thorough inspections during every service visit.

A credit union employee looks over customized reports from their ATM fleet.
Examples of customized branding vinyl wraps for ATM cash dispensers.

Branding & Experience

ATM Consultants design team is ready to make your fleet stand out with customized branding packages that transform your ATMs into billboards with benefits.

Our packages include:

  • Full Color Cash Dispenser Wraps & Toppers
  • Branded Receipts
  • Hyosung NBS Icon and Screen Customization
  • Wave2 ATM Locator Services
  • Custom Surrounds and Lightboxes
  • Rotating Idle Screen Design (Static or Animated)

Offer Your Customers More

Offer your cardholders a wide variety of advanced experiences across your updated ATM/ITM fleet

  • Advanced Transaction Types- Loan Payments, Check Cashing & Statement Generation
  • Modern member experience leveraging advanced software solutions
  • Customized Reporting: Settlement, Balancing & Recycling
  • Contactless ATM Transactions
  • Digital Branch Transformation: ITMS, PTMS & more

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A bank employee assists a member with their transaction at the ATMA woman uses an ATM machine at an airport to check her account balance