Joe GillIes

SVP - Sales
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Joe Gillies got his start in the ATM industry operating his own portfolio of ATMs beginning in 1997. Handling all aspects of the operation from contract negotiation and installation to service and cash vaulting, provided Joe with the opportunity to learn the ATM business from the ground up. After joining Access to Money in 2010, Gillies turned his focus to the credit union and community bank space, working with institutions across the country to provide ATM outsourcing solutions. When Access to Money was acquired by Cardtronics in 2011, Gillies managed a sales team that sold their complete suite of surcharge free solutions to financial institution clients. These solutions included ATM outsourcing, the Allpoint Surcharge Free Network, retail ATM branding and LocatorSearch. After spending 3 years as VP of Financial Institution Sales at OSG, a statement and critical communications provider, Joe joined the team at ATM Consultants in 2022.

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A bank employee assists a member with their transaction at the ATMA woman uses an ATM machine at an airport to check her account balance