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With more than 50 years of combined experience managing compliance, cash handling, security, 1st & 2nd line maintenance, network communications, processing, hardware, software and all other aspects and operations for financial institution ATMs, the experts at ATM Consultants have the knowledge, connections and experience needed to ensure your ATM portfolio is operating efficiently while saving you money.

With the Team at ATM Consultants, Your Financial Institution's ATMs are in good hands.

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The team at ATM consultants have the knowledge and networks to create a better ATM experience for your cardholders. We specialize in creating reliable ATM operations plans for financial institutions - saving time and money on maintenance, compliance, cash loading, management, processing and all other daily-to-day requirements for an ATM fleet. Contact our team today to discover how your financial institution can benefit from outsourcing your machines with ATM Consultants.


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Doug Falcone

Douglas Falcone

Founder & CEO

Douglas B Falcone has been a leader and pioneer in the ATM industry for over 18 years. He founded Access to Money, a nationwide independent sales, marketing and service organization, in 1989 - building the company into one of the largest independently owned ATM organizations in the U.S, managing over 10,000 ATMs nationwide.

Access To Money was purchased by Cardtronics in 2011 after which Falcone served as Executive Vice President leading the ATM Independent Business sales division, responsible for approximately 20,000 ATMs and assisted in the acquisition of over 50,000 additional ATM locations through his leading membership of the M&A team.

Doug created ATM Consultants LLC to exclusively serve the Financial Institution market with a focus on the outsourcing and service of on and off premise ATMs.